Safety Always First
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JASON focus on protecting employees' occupational health, safety and working environment. We encourage all our employees to find any potential safety risks and use multi-methods to protect our employees from any injury or property loss. With advanced safety management system, we continuously improve our plant conditions to provide safer and more comfortable work environment for our employees.
HSE Rules
· Creating a healthy and safe environment is our unchanging commitment
· Providing harmony and unity between human and nature is our eternal pursuit
Safety Concept
Safety always first.
Occupational Health and Safety
  • HSE Training
    All our employees must be trained before moving to their work, this is to guarantee every employee to be safe and qualified for their job.
  • Emergency Drill
    We regularly conduct different emergency drills to ensure our employees have sufficient ability to handle emergency cases.
  • HSE Activities
    Every year we arrange frequent HSE activities for our employees to help them improve safety concept and skills, all our employees be involved in safety management and activities is our permanent rule.