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All our employees are required to comply with all laws applicable to our business. Everyone receives training in this regard because it is our common commitment and responsibility to adhere to integrity and compliance.
We practice a “zero tolerance” attitude towards non conformances. Any employee who does not follow corporate polices/procedures will be subject to disciplinary action.
We require all employees involved in international procurement, sales and export to fully understand the export control and sanction laws related to their work, to participate in the compliance training organized by the company, to report potential compliance issues, to maintain accurate work records, and to report problems to superior management or compliance personnel.
We implement comprehensive compliance control in procurement, sales, finance, legal affairs, logistics, after sales, customer visits, business travel, visa application, etc.
We organize compliance training and assessment for all relevant employees and include compliance training as a part of corporate culture training for new comers, in order to enhance the compliance awareness of the personnel and form a good compliance culture.
We conduct compliance risk assessments of export control and audit our compliance system and procedures on a regular basis.
Employees must report to their compliance representative or the IBCD if there is any non-compliance occurance.